A Social Art Experience


Creativity is fire inside You – Set it free and share it with the World”.

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Not everyone considers themselves a talented artist. So what about those of us who love art and like to try new things?¬†That’s where we come in…We bring the tools, curate an elevated atmosphere, and guide a social enriched experience for anyone or group who want to explore their creativity. Through abstract art and subjective teaching we believe each and everyone has a unique ability and yes talent to explore.


Social Experience Events

We hold monthly curated events throughout Toronto in various spaces which offer an elevated backdrop to inspire, and compliment our social experience events. We are often mixing in collabs with adult beverage brands, local electronic DJ’s and performers. We are ALWAYS open to building a unique experience for you so any suggestions get in touch with us.

Team Building

Your Business’s most valuable assets are the people who work for you. We help your team mates take a deep dive into the power of creative individuality and group integrity. Watch your people discover and share their own talents, and that team dynamic strengthen with our creative communication experiences.¬†

Online Store

Shop our Curated Online Store featuring Local Toronto Artists, Art Supplies and Aftercare Products like ArtResin which we use in our Social Experience Events. 

Toronto Art Scene

The Toronto Art Scene is on fire! Collab with us or watch our SPOTLIGHTS on the Toronto Art Scene as we feature Artists, Exhibitions, Studio & Gallery Events through our Social Media Platforms and Blog Posts